Unfiled Tax Returns


Unfiled tax returns can result in large tax assessments and penalties.  The IRS wants every taxpayer to file their tax return and can notify you at any time that you have unfiled tax returns that need to be corrected.

The best solution for a problem with unfiled tax returns is to file them before the IRS notifies you that you have missed a tax filing.  I can help you prepare and file tax returns immediately to avoid the potential scrutiny by the IRS that will come if you don't file your tax returns.  If you fail to file your tax return the IRS can file a substitute tax return for you using an estimate of your income. This estimate will include penalties and interest also.

The IRS will pursue tax collections until all unfiled tax returns have been filed and you have paid all taxes, penalties and interest.  The IRS can use multiple collection mechanisms to collect the amount due including liens, levies and garnishments.  The IRS can also prosecute you for failing to file your tax returns - it's a crime.

If you would have had a refund in a tax year with an unfiled tax return you may not be able to get it because you failed to file the return.  There is a two or three year statute of limitations for claiming a refund of taxes paid to the U.S. Treasury.

If you have unfiled tax returns creating IRS tax problems I can help you. Schedule an appointment today or give me a call to discuss your unfiled tax returns.

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